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Counselling aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing emotional pain or making you feel uncomfortable.

Counselling can provide a safe and regular space for you to talk and explore difficult feelings.

I am there to support you and respect your views.

I don't usually give advice, but will help you find your own insights into and understanding of your problems.



Counselling Can Help You

Cope with bereavement or relationship breakdown

Deal with addiction in its many forms

Learn to live with life altering injury or illness

Deal with issues preventing you achieving your amitions

Deal with feelings of depression or sadness, enabling a more positive outlook on life

Deal with feelings of anxiety helping you to worry less about things

Understand yourself and your problems better

Cope with redundancy or work-related stress

Feel more confident and more able to get on with life.



Home Visits Available

I would like you to feel as comfortable as possible.  To this end I am able to offer sessions in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

I also have rooms available at two neutral locations in Bedford. Availability of these rooms is unfortunately limited.



Frequency Of Time

Your counselling session will be for one hour.  Ideally this will be on the same day each week. This will be discussed / agreed upon during our first session.  Payment is to be made at the end of each session.
Session cost £35 per hour.  Additional charge of £5 made for a travel allowance on home visits. (if distance is greater than15 miles)




The contents of our sessions are confidential between you and I.  There are however, for both of our best interests, a few caveats to this rule. 
I am required to discuss my work with a supervisor to ensure I am doing my best for both my client and myself (your identity will not be disclosed to the supervisor).
I do keep very brief notes which are kept securely under lock and key (this is required by my insurance providers).  They will not be disclosed without your consent, unless requested by a court order.
I am required to breach confidentiality if I feel you are at risk of seriously harming yourself or others, or if I find out you are involved in terrorism, or drug smuggling.



The counselling room is a safe place where I hope you feel able to express whatever emotions you need without cause for any concern.  The only thing which is not welcome is abuse directed towards me as your counsellor.  If this should occur I will stop the session pending a review of whether or not we will be able to work together.




Payment is to be made either at the end of each session in cash, or via electronic transfer.

Session cost £35 per hour, additional charge of £5 made as a travel allowance on home visits. (If the distance is greater than 10 minutes but not exceeding 20 minutes drive from central Bedford)

Costings for greater distances can be discussed on an individual basis.

Book and pay for 6 sessions in advance pay for 5.  One session free of charge.



For a free no-obligation chat about you and your possible counselling needs please Contact Me



What some of my clients have said:


Hi Gavin
You have been supporting my friend for over 2 years now and I have been meaning to send you a message for some time. I truly believe, without any doubt, that there is a good chance she would not be with us today if not for you.
You are the one person she can say ANYTHING to, without worrying how it makes you feel, without having to protect you from her deepest, darkest thoughts/hopes/fears/wishes that she might find too scary or terrible to say to us, her friends.
She has told us repeatedly how having you in her life has allowed her to cope when she was sinking. You have pulled her back from the ledge many times and in ways we can't. We are too close, we loved her too much, we love her too much to be that person for her. And it's not just because you are a counsellor. I have had a few counsellors in my life and some were better for me than others purely because of a personality thing, not because of their skills. So it's you, because you are you that has been the gift for her. I wonder if ____ sent you sometimes. I'm not saying she doesn't need us, I know she does, but you have given her something we never could have. Thank you is such a small thing to say but there isn't anything else that comes close. So thank you. For saving her, for being there for her, for being the right person for her. Congratulations on your new endeavour and if any of these words help you in advertising or promotion please feel free to use them. It's wonderful what you do. So thanks again, CB


Gavin came into my life at a point where I was about to give up. Tragic personal circumstances had changed me and my life into something I no longer recognised. As a parent, the thought of giving up and leaving my child; whilst this was something I had contemplated, it wasn’t something I could allow to happen.
The choice to begin counselling was very difficult and not taken lightly. I was extremely wary of the process but knew that I needed help from a person that was not directly impacted by experiences in my life.
Gavin was (and remains) a steady, non judgemental and open support. His counselling style fits around his client and our professional relationship is built on mutual trust, openness and honesty. He is consistent, he is supportive and yet he challenges my thought process when he believes necessary. That has only come with time.
Whilst I know that the hard work has come from me (and it can only be from me), I can truly and honestly attribute my success as a direct result from the counselling service I have received from Gavin. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services. It has been utterly life changing for every good reason you can imagine.



Gavin said in the beginning it would be tough but we would get there.  Thank you, you helped me be me again.  At the time we met I could not see any way forward, I was trapped. alone and now I can see a future with me in it.
Thank you for patience, at a time where I was unable to give myself any time at all.  Your ability to hear me was what I needed.

Gavin helps me keep straight when things are going astray.  He has without knowing it pulled me back from the brink of using again and again.  I don't think he knows just how much he has helped me. I feel like I recognise myself for the first time in years.  Every addict could do with a Gavin!