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During your counselling session, you will be encouraged to express your feelings and emotions. By discussing your concerns with you , I can help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, as well as identifying ways of finding your own solutions to problems.

It can be a great relief to share your worries and fears with someone who acknowledges your feelings and is able to help you reach a positive solution.

All my focus will be on you, without judgement or criticism.

I will help you to figure out how you may be able to deal with your problems.

I will not tell you what to do, but will help you come to your own solutions.



Home Visits Available
I would like you to feel as comfortable as possible.  To this end I am able to offer sessions in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

I also have rooms available at two neutral locations in Bedford.

Availability of these rooms is unfortunatly limited.



My Journey
Some time ago I suffered a life changing injury.  Although I was unaware at the time this set me down the path of eventually becoming a Humanistic counsellor.
Initially (for years) I received no counselling, however eventually I did and it helped me more than I actually thought possible.
With time I realised this was indeed something I could and wanted to do for others.



My Experience

I am a Registered Counsellor / Psychotherapist and a member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), and as such I can be found on their registered members list.  As a member I am required to follow the BACP's Ethical guidelines.

I have worked for the NHS Drug and Alcohol Service Inclusion for the last 3 years.  This work has really pushed me, opening my eyes even further to the complexities of the human condition.  The severity of what a human can have happen to them, and the strength that we as a race have within us. Which enables someone to survive and indeed recover from addiction.
I also volunteered for the Road Victims Trust for a period of roughly 3 years.  Specifically as a Bereavement Counsellor, to those who had lost someone to a Road Traffic Collision.  Be that a partner, son daughter or other loved one.
I have also counselled people who have been involved in a RTC and either survived or caused the RTC in the first place.

These specialist areas along with my private practice work have, I feel, given me a solid grounding for whatever it is that is troubling you.



My Approach
My approach to counselling is a humanistic one.  I firmly believe that you are your own best expert.  I am not here to tell you what to be or indeed how to fix yourself.
My aim is to provide a space within which you become able to enable yourself.  I will be honest, empathic and supportive, even when you are unable to be these things yourself.  Helping to give clarity/context to what you are going through.  Stripping back the history and emotion to help you see clearer.



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